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New Trends vs Classics in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Since the very beginning of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery started to be performed, new technologies and different approaches are being added onto classical techniques each and everyday. Those with the new scientific researches ease the plastic surgery operations and offer a more comfortable post-op recovery period to patients. Nowadays lasers and alternative light sources offer an anti-aging and rejuvenation methods can be used to different age groups with great success. Do these all mean that there will be no plastic surgeries in future? Although I am always one step ahead of technology in my area, my answer is "No" as being a plastic surgeon because we postpone surgeries to future periods with the new technologies but cannot replace the surgery with them because we only get 30-40% of the outcome of the surgeries with the latest developed laser equipments; not more than that. At this stage, the essential point is to think about our expectations to decide on the most convenient treatment plan. 

Face Aesthetics

We talk about a wide range of topics regarding facial aesthetics, from removing the traces of aging to reshaping the face according to the proportions of the golden ratio; from rhinoplasty to making teeth visible in a smile by straightening the area between the lip and nose, to finding ways to fix disproportionate noses and chins. 


The face cannot be considered by itself alone, it must be evaluated in the context of the body so we are able to perform combined surgeries and use the advantages that technology provides us to the fullest extent possible. 


Happy to have the latest laser technology on hand to combine our surgical operations with to maximize the outcome or delay our surgical solutions a bit more to future years.


Our goals are to reveal the unique beauty of every age, to regenerate and complement everyone's natural beauty by using the most natural techniques and body’s own materials.



Body Contouring

Nowadays, liposuction surgeries have improved via the efficient use of natural resources to remove the innate deformations of our bodies; slimming down those parts of our bodies which we cannot seem to shrink with exercise, while keeping the advantages of stem cell fat transfer in our minds.


In appropriate cases, we create beauty using a holistic technique, turning the body into a sculpture made only of its own materials by using the patient's own fat tissues instead of relying on synthetic injections.


We have extraordinary solutions for improving every part of the body, from flattening the “Brazilian” type posterior to breast augmentation, forming the hips and the legs by getting rid of fat from the back; from straightening the arms to slimming down the inner thighs, from the abdominoplasty to reconstructing belly-button; from mons aesthetics to rejuvenating the labia and sensitizing the g-spot.


Gynecomastia, i.e. male type breast growth, can be treated with laser liposuction to skim off extra fat and tighten the skin, or a reduction can be performed surgically with a t-shaped incision in case needed.


In appropriate cases, we can relocate excessive fat from the breasts to contour other body areas to make a sportive appearance with stemcell fat transfer technique. This is how we can make aesthetic improvements using patient’s own fat tissues and liposculpture.


- Scarless Gynecomasty :

Laser Liposuction to Chest-Tummy Area for Complete Result - 

Dr. Turker Ozyigit performs Smartlipo laser liposuction to all chest area through tummy region to get the best outcome which also looks sportive after surgery.

Laser has a tightenning benefit to the skin through all the area treated and also melts the fat and glandular tissues so that there is no need for any glandular tissue excision or a skin excision during surgery.

Scarless gynecomasty is essential for men as they cannot cover the scars in beach so this very effective technique helps men having gynecomastia and having flat chest area and tightenned upper body.

Breast Aesthetics

We perform various types of breast surgeries; from breast augmentations to mastopexy, from breast reductions to improve life standards to correcting asymmetrical breasts, all in order to improve the patient's health and wellbeing.


We guarantee using the World's best implants in breast augmentation with lifelong guarantee of the brand with certification. 


Our differences;


- Scarless Breast Reduction :

Laser Liposuction to Breasts for a lifted smaller shape -


One of the very special technique we perform in breast reduction is Laser Liposuction with no scar. This method is used in breast assimetry corrections and to reduce the size of the breasts if there is no lifting needed. In correct candidates, laser liposuction offers a scarless solution with great success. 



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