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Are you tired of the excess fat that refuses to budge despite your best efforts?

Our Laser Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that precisely targets and removes unwanted fat cells for natural-looking, long-lasting results.

Our expert surgeons will provide a customized treatment plan to achieve your body goals.


Customized Approach


Personalized Consultation


Guaranteed High End Technology


High Quality Standards


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


Supportive Environment

Laser Lipolysis

Fast and secure regeneration, thinning with carbon dioxide laser therapy and combined laser lipolysis


  • Body Shaping and Refreshing


  • Suctionning the fat deposits resistant to exercise and diet 


  • Laser vaginal thightenning surgery


  • Correcting Double chins, bags under the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, navel, problem areas such as waist


  • Fixing areas with cellulite

In a single region, it’s possible to achieve one size of slimming within 3 minutes under local anesthesia. For fat which can not be gotten rid of with diet or exercise, laser liposuction can easily be applied under local anesthesia as a reliable and easy method.


Lasers actually have a double effect, since patients also benefit from a thightenning effect on the skin. It is possible to get rid of fat, thighten the skin and eliminate existing cellulite with laser liposuction.



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