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Laser Lipolysis

Fast and secure regeneration, thinning with carbon dioxide laser therapy and combined laser lipolysis


  • Body Shaping and Refreshing


  • Suctionning the fat deposits resistant to exercise and diet 


  • Laser vaginal thightenning surgery


  • Correcting Double chins, bags under the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, navel, problem areas such as waist


  • Fixing areas with cellulite

In a single region, it’s possible to achieve one size of slimming within 3 minutes under local anesthesia. For fat which can not be gotten rid of with diet or exercise, laser liposuction can easily be applied under local anesthesia as a reliable and easy method.


Lasers actually have a double effect, since patients also benefit from a thightenning effect on the skin. It is possible to get rid of fat, thighten the skin and eliminate existing cellulite with laser liposuction.



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