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Getting old? – Or wearing out?


Our skin wears out over time.  Generally skin blemishes are age-related, but they may occur even at young ages. The tightness of the skin diminishes with age and it loosens. Sometimes a skin rash appears, and gets deeper over time. All of these have both external and genetic factors.  The most prominent external factor is the sun.  Other external causes of aged skin include heat, cold, humidity, wind, dry air and chemicals.



How to avoid it?


One way of delaying the skin’s aging is the restoration of deteriorated and loosened parts with cosmetic surgery. But people today are also seeking painless, non-surgical methods that do not require a hospital stay. In response, some technological breakthroughs, the latest non-surgical technologies for facial beauty and anti-aging have come into prominence: Madonna Lift



Madonna Lift


In recent years, the face lifting process known as the “Madonna lift” has become one of

the most popular non-surgical treatments for looking younger.  A Madonna lift eliminates

small wrinkles, makes deep wrinkles more shallow, tightens the eyelids, gathers loosened

skin and nearly eliminates marks of old age. The skin becomes softer and smoother,

pores are tightened, and spots disappear.

This technology, the secret of Madonna’s youthful look, combines carbon dioxide and

bipolar radio-frequency and is unique in the world.



1. What is Madonna Lift?

It is the most recent and advanced non-surgical technology for restoring sagging facial tissue, loose skin and wrinkles with Smatxide2 DOT CO2 Fractional Laser with bipolar radiofrequency.



2. How does it work?

With DOT treatment, a laser is shone on deep tissues through a channel as wide as a single hair follicle opened on the skin. 

The main effect is provided by a bipolar radio frequency sent through the same channel.

The three-dimensional structure of the old collagen in the wrinkle is re-formed and the natural recovery process of the body is started, in the same way young collagens are produced.


3. Is the application done under anesthesia?

The application does not require anesthesia. A light heat is felt on the skin during application. After the application your doctor will suggest suitable lotions for you to use.



4. Is it appropriate for people of all ages?

Since the application does not require anesthesia, it is appropriate for everybody.  Your specialist will help you analyze your skin problems and make the right decision about treatment.



5. Is it appropriate for all skin types?

Yes, the FDA authorizes this treatment for all skin types.



6. How long does the application take?

Approximately 10-15 minutes



7. Is it applied in sessions?

How many sessions are required for the best result?

The number of sessions differs according to patient and degree of

alteration, but generally 2-3 sessions are suggested.


8. How much time is needed between sessions?

Approximately 3-4 weeks



9. How will I look after laser treatment?

Your skin may be lightly red and swollen, but this is temporary and will normalize in a few days. You are allowed to wear make up after a couple of days.



10. How long will the results take?

Although healing begins and is noticeable right after the DOT treatment, your skin will continue to improve for up to 6 months. The result will last for many years, but the normal aging process will continue. Continuing to receive routine skin care treatments and protecting the skin from the sun are suggested as preventive precautions.



11. How much does a DOT laser treatment cost?

Your doctor will share this information with you after the number of sessions is decided and before you begin treatment.




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