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Lazerle Vulvo vajinal gençleştirme






It’s no longer a taboo for women to ask for a young and healthy appearance in their vaginal area. Issues with other parts of the body are particular to one person, but vaginal problems affect sexual partners, and as a result, both genders.


Events and factors like pregnancy, vaginal birth, weight gain, smoking, chronic cough, hormonal disorders, menopause and aging can cause a syndrome known as “vaginal relaxation” in female sexual organs that results in a series of dynamic and functional losses, such as looseness in the vaginal muscles, vaginal canal expansion, change in appearance, and urinary incontinence.


Physical changes caused by looseness and sagging in the vaginal muscles (which occur especially as a result of aging or birth trauma) result in a diminished sense of friction, and consequently a decrease in sexual satisfaction and possible psychological problems such as distance between spouses.


In recent years, along with advances in laser technology and aesthetic surgery, rapid gains in socio-economic and cultural status that let women take their health care into their own hands have come. The aesthetics of the vagina has become a prominent issue.


The MonaLisa Touch, in which carbon dioxide and radio frequencies are applied together, is a painless, anesthesia-free, non-surgical, seamless and a one-day non-invasive method. With the help of MonaLisa Touch, vaginal muscles gain their old strength and tightness.


The inner and outer diameters of the vagina are reduced.  Complaints such as looseness, dryness, itching, and pain during intercourse are resolved.  Since it is applied in a short time and has minimal side effects, MonaLisa Vaginoplasty does not require rest after application. You can get the job done without interrupting the rhythm of your daily life.


MonaLisa Touch Vaginoplasty results in vaginal tightness comparable to the tightness before giving birth, which enables sexual activity and helps achieve sexual satisfaction for the couple.






Menopause, cancer or various surgeries might cause an estrogen decrease

which also decreases blood circulation in the genital area, loss or thinning of vaginal

mucosa, or vaginal atrophy.


About 50% of postmenopausal women see complications related to a degree of

vaginal atrophy, including genital irritation, itching, decreased lubrication,

abnormal discharge, dryness, susceptibility to infections, and even pain during

intercourse. In addition, a decrease in the fatty tissue of external genitalia causes

changes in color and appearance of the vagina.


Relaxation and atrophy of the muscles in the bladder can cause urinary

incontinence in situations of coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercise and stress.


Vaginal atrophy has a negative effect on sexual life and a person’s quality of life. 

Especially for women, these negative effects might cause decreased libido or abstinence in their sex life, sexual dissatisfaction between spouses, depression, loss of confidence, and endangered marriage.


The latest technology offering solutions for the main concerns in the genital area including vaginal relaxation, sagging, atrophy, and urinary incontinence: Monalisa Touch




What else can be done with MONALISA TOUCH?


  • Laser Labia minora reduction and reshaping


  • Laser cliteroplasty


  • Laser Labia majora reduction / enhancement and reshaping (for enhancement, stem-cells fat transfer can be combined to the laser therapy)


  • Laser perineoplasty (more involved treatment for the vaginal opening)


  • MonaLisa TOUCH has been shown to have a positive effect on stress incontinence, so it is used for stress incontinence as well as sneezing and coughing urinary incontinence. 












A fractional CO2 laser affects the vaginal mucosa and stimulates collagen

production, which increases the speed of blood flow.


After the CO2 laser application, subcutaneous collagen fibers undergo

a sudden shortening of 30% and the skin stretches.


As a result, in the application area collagen tissue is rapidly renewed and

new collagen fibers appear.


Fractional carbon dioxide lasers are accepted as the gold standard in

ablation and collagen applications.


After the internal and external diameters of the vagina are reduced, the

external appearance of the genital area gets its normal anatomical shape.



How is the recovery period?


Depending on the type of application, there might be bruising, swelling and pain for a few days to a week. We do not expect any side effects if the MonaLisa touch is applied alone. Applying ice to the treated area relieves the symptoms. After the treatment, the patient should do some walking exercises as soon as possible. The patient can shower on the 2nd or 3rd day but should avoid sexual intercourse and saunas for 4 weeks. Sexual intercourse might be restricted for 6-8 weeks depending on the application.



How often are the sessions?


It varies depending on the type and degree of the complaint and the characteristics of the person. On average it is 3-5 sessions that are 45-60 days between, with repeat of the sessions recommended to be planned at least once every year. 



Can the results be seen immediately?


It is possible to see the effects of the application within a day, as the vaginal wall becomes constricted. Right after the first session, patients can expect improvements against complaints such as dryness, itching, tenderness, and irritation during intercourse. The normalization of the tissue reaction process takes 1-2 weeks and it takes on average 1-2 months for the results to be fully recognized.




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