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Non-surgical Facial Aesthetics - Cosmetic Procedures

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Botox® injections are fast, safe and simple non-surgical injections that remove wrinkles and can be administered to the forehead, between two muscles and outer parts of the eye. The results are temporary but treatment can be repeated easily and painlessly as needed.


Except the miniscule bruises which can be observed on injection areas, it is an application that doesn’t hinder patient’s daily activities.


Botox® works by relaxing the facial muscles. As the muscle causing a wrinkle relaxes, the skin surrounding that area become smoother due to muscles stopping their contractions. This is how Botox makes wrinkles disappear.


Thanks to this effect, Botox® has been used to treat muscle spasms for over 15 years.


Botox® injections have also produced great results when applied to cases of excessive sweating and migraine headaches.


The treatment consists of a planning session and an operation session and can be completed in 30 minutes to an hour. Proper planning and working to maintain a natural look can have great results when it comes to reducing wrinkles, but the real rejuvenation can only be seen after a period of 1 week to 10 days. A touch-up session is recommended after 10-15 days.


Injections of small doses of BOTOX® create tremendous changes. Most important point is applying the product carefully, without disturbing the natural appearance and to provide facial rejuvenation without creating changes in the overall appearance of the face.


Generally, the effects of a treatment will last for 4-6 months. This is a medical treatment designed to lift and firm the face and other parts of the body via a patented chemical process. It is a preparation made of fatty acids that creates space between muscle fibres, lasting for 6-8 months and providing a rapid lift in muscle mass. 

Dermal Fillers

In our clinic, a filling material of France origin that is made from a sugar compound produced from hyaluronic acid which is present naturally in all living cells is used to soften wrinkles temporarily and to make skin more supple and smooth. This filling material, whose permanence is between 6 months and one year, is available in different types and in different densities for particular parts of face and needs. Plus, there is no need for an allergy test before using it.


We can prepare these fillings which can be used in various areas such as lip filling, getting rid of the dark circles under the eyes; removing cheek concavity using one’s own fat tissues according to patient’s expectations. Details of this process are explained in this heading: Stem-Cell Fat Transfer.



Lip Filling:


Lip thickening/lip filling is a cosmetic implementation to make lips thickened or filled without an operation, using biologic or synthetic products. Dermal fillers, collagen or fat tissues can also be used for filling lips.


This process lasts for about 30 minutes and before the implementation, lips are anesthetized with an anesthetic material called lidocaine. Due to the fact that lips will remain swollen for three to five days, it is better to be plan the procedure one week ahead of a special day or invitation.


Men or women who want bigger and more definite lips are appropriate candidates for this implementation.


After the procedure, you can return to your daily routine right away.



Hand rejuvenation:


Another body part which shows aging effects the most is our hands. It is quite challenging to ensure continued youth of our skin since many factors like hard or cold water, detergents or soaps, sports or work cause calluses and aging.


Often deforming before us, we can now regenerate and renew our hands using the latest invention of technology: Rich fat transferred from stem-cells. This treatment especially pleases people who have to use their hands for their jobs.


It removes wrinkles and repairs worn appearance on hands; thanks to stem-cell fat, it continues to maintain youth and ensures renewal after its application.



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This procedure is an alternative to Botox. Botox only treats the wrinkles, whereas this treatment additionally creates a stretching effect. The results will last for 6-8 months and become visible in as little as half an hour.

Another advantage of this treatment over Botox is that you'll never lose your facial expressions because ENDOPEEL does not paralyze muscles, ever.

Are there any risks?


Toxicological risks of carbolated acid are well known. Patients are not allowed to use more than 25 ml of 5% solution of carbolated acid per day. Another complication is oedema, which may appear in certain areas; especially around mouth and eye, however the swelling is temporary.

When will the patient begin to see results?


This is why our method is so pleasing for patients. The effects show up immediately (within 30 minutes of the first injection)!


Can it be used at any age?


This technique can be used at any age and anywhere. Once the effects have worn off, return to original takes place usually after 6-8 months, so we can continue to reapply it for as long as patient wishes to.


  • It is used to fix platysma strips that have lost their youthful appearance and have taken on a saggy look. It can also effectively enhance the physical quality of skin.

  • No incidences of scaring or necrosis occurred during trials.

  • It will not cause scaring on the face.

  • The tightening of the skin is ensured due to the sudden increase in the volume of the muscles into which the substance is injected.

  • It heals cellulite quickly. Skin looks like it has been ironed or exfoliated.

  • This treatment will also eliminate bagginess and sagginess from double chins and chins that have lost their shape.




In which cases it is used?


  • Forehead lifting: Unlike botox, it allows you to frown. Carbolated acid doesn’t cause muscle palsy at any point. You protect your facial expressions and gestures


  • Face lifting: With ENDOPEEL technique, carbolated acid instantly shows lifting effect in the region it is applied. Its advantages are comparable to surgery: There are no risks of any effect on facial nerves, no necrosis, no scar. And ENDOPEEL can be applied to the regions from the middle of face to the nose with no risks. This means ENDOPEEL can serve as a supplement in the face lifting because it can be applied in any regions especially where surgery is considered as dangerous or not possible at all.


  • Neck lifting


  • Nose tip lifting: Without letting the tip to touch the nose, only the muscles in the nose tip which are called elevator muscles, are lifted up using the ENDOPEEL technique.


  • Set the mandibular (chin) contour visible in places with no contour or no exact division between neck and face.


  • Platysma Strips


  • Nazo-genian sulkusun lifting (lifting the line that reaches out under the nose to the edge of the mouth)


  • One-third part of the bottom of the face


  • Décollete lifting


  • Gluteal (Butt) lifting


  • Stretching cellulitis skin

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