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Stemcell Fat Transfer

Implementation is done under local anesthesia in one or two hours. You can readily return to your daily routine after the implementation. Stemcells-rich fat tissue taken from a proper part of the body by liposuction can be applied to facial area to remove aging effects after completing special processing. In the facial area, original fat tissue shifts downwards after years of gravity effect.


After 35 years, concavities start to be formed gradually under the eyes and on the cheeks. Differentiation of facial lines becomes clear by the age of 40. Prolapses appear on the chin, double chin and neck. The prolapses are indicators of skin losing its flexibility and they also show how underskin tissues are affected by resulting in a dull appearance.


Stem-cell fat transfer is one of the treatment methods we use, sometimes on its own and sometimes combined with laser and surgery, for the purpose of answering demands like “I want to get this expression off my face” or “I want my face regain its glow.”


The important thing for this type of implementation is choosing the body part where there is enough fat tissue available, and deciding whether to have this procedure alone or combined with laser or face lifting, and ensuring that facial lines are kept as well as the transferred cells continue living.


Effects of face lifting process done with transfer of stem-cell fat can be observed after a short time following the implementation and this method ensures clarified regeneration and renewal day by day.



Vampire Facelift


At our plastic surgery clinic, we offer the Vampire Facelift             —a highly effective treatment that combines stemcell fat transfer and Platelet Rich Plasma techniques.


Our personalized approach ensures that each client receives the best possible care, resulting in a young, bright shining face that will take you years back in time.


Our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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PRP                         Rejuvenation-Shot


What is PRP?

How a Platelet rich plasma can be generated?


PRP is a well-designed new technologic method used for wound healing with the growth-factor rich plasma in our own blood cells; now is available for rejuvenation of the skin in aesthetic and cosmetic needs.


Platelets, also called "thrombocytes", are blood cells whose function (along with the coagulation factors) is to stop bleeding and start healing that they have enzymes and growth factor inside


10ml of blood is taken from the one who will have PRP mesotherapy. It is then centrifuged in a special device designed only for this purpose in special PRP kits. During the process, the platelet rich plasma is separated from the blood cells and also from the plasma itself. Just the PRP part is taken out of the kit to an injector under sterilized conditions. The plasma contains 1.5-2 million thrombocytes in a milliliter.


PRP is injected via very tiny needles to the problematic area in facial skin or hairy scalp. 



How PRP works & What to treat with it?


PRP starts the formation of collagen, generation of new blood vessels and wound healing and it recovers the area it is injected. There will be a staged improvement on the thickness and the brightness of the skin. 


In Plastic surgery, PRP benefits to under eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles in the face, neck-decolette wrinkles and strechmarks, aged hand, wounds, aged face and hairloss.



The reasons of Skin-aging:


While aging, tightness and the elasticity is getting reduced. The skin and under skin fat tissue gets thinner and the water content gets lower. As a consequence, the wrinkles, fine lines and roughness starts to occur. 





It is obvious that the fine lines are reduced just after the first session which leads to a brighter skin in a natural tone with less pores.


  • The dark circles under the eyes are reduced 

  • PRP can added into your own stemcell fat which is called "Vampire Facelift" and for especially under eye dark circles, this turns to be a magic effect with lifelong solution.





  • No risk of refusal as it is your own blood cells.

  • No risk of allergy

  • No side effects

  • Have a longlasting effect

  • Application takes very short time

  • No risk of getting contagious disease



In which circumstances PRP cannot be applied?


  • If the count of thrombocytes is low 

  • If a cancer exists



How long it lasts?


The effect of PRP after the completion of full treatment package lasts after 12-14 months. In the first periods of the mesotherapy, it is recommended to have the 4-6 sessions during the first 1-2 weeks. After completing the whole advised sessions, it is also recommended to repeat one PRP session in 1 year intervals to make the longterm effects permanent.     


Post-application recommendations:


  • No washing before 4-6 hours 

  • No make-up before 24 hours


Stem-cell Technology & Aesthetic Procedures

Another effective and natural method to fight against aging effects is using one’s own body fat after running it through a special process and transferring where it is going to be used for filling, then rendering the filling permanent.


Formerly, fat tissues received via liposuction would be directly transferred without any alterations to the places where they were going to be used and average permanence rate in these processes was around 30-40%. Patient’s body would be absorbing the remaining 60-70% of these new fat cells. But with innovative technology, fat tissues’ living cells, i.e. stem-cells, are now sucked by gentle liposuction methods and special canullas without harming any tissues. This fat tissue is separated into cells and those cells which will be implemented to their new places are be transferred in a special way so that 80% of these transferred fat cells have a chance to continue living in their new places before getting absorbed.


These transferred stemcell-rich fat cells are replaced in the body and continue to live normally. Also, it is a known fact that stem-cells raise the rate of cell renewal in the tissue they are placed. Resulting regenerating effect of this type of filling is a very important feature that separates it from dermal fillings. These fillings get affected from losing or gaining weight in their new places just like in their original locations. Apart from this, their permanence is continuous. 

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